+ How long is this program?

PrettyGirl Academy runs for an entire school year from September to May of the following year.

+ How frequently does PGA meet?

Session dates are first and third Saturdays of each month

+ Where are the sessions held?

Sessions are held at a local church in the Annapolis area. Once your daughter has been accepted into the program the church address and information will be given.

+ Are lunches provided?

Lunches will be provided.



+ What is the cost of tuition?

The cost of tuition is $300 a girl per year, a $100 deposit is requested upon registration; this will go towards tuition and is refundable until July 7th

+ Are there payment plan options?

Yes. Let us know if this is something you would like to do and we can help.



+ Do the girls wear uniforms like a real acadmey?

Yes. Our uniform includes:

  • Black pants or circle skirt
  • White polo shirt
  • Knee high white socks with black stripes
  • Red sneakers

PrettyGirl Academy provides girls with a PrettyGirl polo, t-shirt, and socks.

Girls will need to purchase their own red sneakers, black circle skirt, black pants (no leggings), and jean jacket.



+ How are mentors selected?

PrettyGirl Academy is a community based organization and because of that advantage majority of the mentors are within the community. Mentors are selected based on their skillsets are and what they can offer the girls in our program.

+ Do mentors go through a background check?

Yes, all mentors are vetted and go through training regarding proper behavior when working with teens and children.

+ How are mentors matched to their mentee?

Mentors are matched to their mentee based on the mentee's need(s) and future goals. If we know a girl is struggling in a certain area then we try to match her with a mentor that will take the time to help her in that area.



+ Is an out-of-state trip taken every year?

No, our trips are biennial- taken every two years.

+ Who can go on these trips?

The trips are only for academy members. A parent or a chaperone are welcome to travel with us.

+ What is the purpose of the end-of-year trip?

We firmly believe that traveling is a way to help mold healthy children. On our trips we celebrate the end of a school and session year, but we are also exposing them to new experiences that will hopefully help them in the future.



+ Is PrettyGirl Academy a church-based organization?

No, we are not affliated with a church. However, we are a Christian organization.

+ If my child is not a Christian can they still join?

Of course! We would still love to have them join us. Just know we do open and close all of our sessions with a prayer. If they choose to opt out that is fine.

+ Is my daughter able to have her cellphone during the sessions?

Before the beginning of each session we collect all cellphones. We want the girls to be fully focused without distraction during the lesson. If you need to reach your daughter while she is in session you will be provided the site-coordinators phone number for emergencies.