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We teach our girls how to empower, respect and love themselves and the girls around them


At PrettyGirl Academy Inc., we help girls embrace who they are. We lead them as they discover their own unique paths through life.


PrettyGirl Academy, Inc. is a mentoring program currently serving girls ages 11 to 17 in the Anne Arundel County, Maryland area. Our mentors are women who are experts in life. They are registered nurses, graduate students, estheticians, accountants, and second-time parents. They all have learned something that a book could not teach them and they are committed to passing their knowledge on to the girls of the next generation.

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PrettyGirl Academy, Inc., is a safe space where girls can open up, be themselves and learn from the different life experiences of their peers and mentors.

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Become a Mentor

PrettyGirl Academy is a community based organization and because of that advantage majority of the mentors are within the community. Mentors are selected based on their skillsets are and what they can offer the girls in our program.

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Seed Planter

Every seed, given the opportunity to grow, has the potential
to create a beautiful, thriving garden. We invite you, to be a Seed Planter with PrettyGirl Academy Inc.! Here are some ways to consider participation.

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Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors are vetted and go through training regarding proper behavior when working with teens and children.


executive director

Meet Erika

“ There was no textbook that could give me insight on certain things I faced as a young girl. Things like how to deal with relationships or how to cope with the loss of my father. ”


Pretty Girl Academy Gala 2017