Dedicated mentors with a track record of success.


Meet our Mentors

PrettyGirl Academy is a community based organization and because of that advantage majority of the mentors are within the community. Mentors are selected based on their skillsets are and what they can offer the girls in our program.

Jillian Riggs.JPG

Jillian Riggs


Keona Brown.JPG

Keona Brown



Lenora Dennis


Melanie Harris.JPG

Melanie Harris


AnnMarie Holland.JPG

AnnMarie Holland


Kristin Johnson.JPG

Kristin Johnson


Iris McHenry.JPG

Iris McHenry


Lacy McKinney



Grace Pratt


Antoinette Young


DeDe Duncan-White.JPG

DeDe Ducan-White



Mentor Team

All mentors are vetted and go through training regarding proper behavior when working with teens and children.