Our Vision

We help girls embrace who they are.


We teach our girls how to empower, respect and love themselves and the girls around them.

At PrettyGirl Academy Inc., we help girls embrace who they are. We lead them as they discover their own unique paths through life.

We challenge them to break out of their comfort zones by immersing them in new experiences that will help expand their understanding and enhance their perspectives.

PrettyGirl Academy, Inc., is a safe space where girls can open up, be themselves and learn from the different life experiences of their peers and mentors.

We are more than a mentoring program. We are a sisterhood of girls and women bound together by love of community and hope for the future.



Pretty Girl Academy, Inc. is a mentoring program that:

  • Shows girls who they are and who they are meant to be

  • Works toward having 100% of it's members being accepted to a four-year college or university

  • Teaches girls not only to dream but to also make their dreams become reality in the face of obstacles and opposition
  • Teaches girls how to get back up and try again even after they have given up or experienced a setback or failure
  • Exposes girls to new and different environments to help them expand their understanding and enhance their perspectives
  • Teaches accountability and responsibility for themselves and their sisters in the mentoring program
  • Promotes self-love as more than just repeating beautiful quotes but instead as learning and understanding all the reasons they should love themselves
  • Creates a nurturing family-like environment

Erika Johnson
Executive Director, Mentor